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Our Mission

Refugee Eye is a visual storytelling hub where we redirect the refugee's content to the public, attempting to bridge between dual worlds in a time of building walls—adding up refugee perspectives to the public discourse by offering vivid stories from their exile environments.

Through Land and sea, millions of refugees leave everything behind to their uncertain fate. The towns and villages where we live or come from are getting connected more than ever before. So it's inevitable for our progressing world to start collectively examining and thinking out the challenges we face. Refugee Eye is a home for personal narratives and a bridge between worlds. We spread awareness and spark creativity.

Our work is a rich chronicle of the modern refugee experience, which illuminates crucial issues in our countries of origin and the U.S., helping to imagine a sustainable future for all of us. In addition, we provide a platform for creative young adult refugees worldwide and empower them to initiate change in their communities. From creative college students, visual artists, journalists, photographers, and filmmakers. Those who also don't identify as but have a passion for free expression and critical thinking. Those who are enthusiastic about joining a creative refugee community.


Our programs empower individuals with knowledge that is often suppressed by authoritarian environments. By shedding light on inspiring young artists and how they are challenging the status quo, we set the stage for the next courageous generation.

-We are a 510(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Team


Lara Aburamadan

Journalist, Founder, Art Director

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