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They Live in Memories

They Live in Memories

Abdul Aziz Doukhan: A 23-year-old Syrian photographer, is based in Brussels. He was displaced in Syria shortly after the Syrian revolution started in 2011; then he managed to leave for Turkey in 2014; he learned digital art during his time there, but a couple of years after, the situation in Turkey got harder, and he left for Greece. 

in 2016 Abdulazez was 17 years old when he found himself stuck in Northern Greece Refugee camps for six months as the Greek-Macedonian borders closed. He volunteered with different organizations as an interpreter. Seeing how European media presented refugees as hopeless, dangerous, and ignorant people got him thinking of the reasons behind that. So he started doing photography with the help of other volunteers he worked with, who supported him with equipment. Quickly, his documentary photography was known as the insider eye of refugees, and people’s stories were spread. In April 2017, he left Greece and made it to Belgium. After retaking two years of high school, he graduated and entered university. He did his bachelor's degree in Computer Science and currently doing a master's in Artificial intelligence. Yet, his passion for photography is still there, and he takes part of the responsibility and works on documentary projects.


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